IVS' Mission is to MAINTAIN
leading provider of independent
INSPECTORS of election

all sizes AND at all
types of meetings.

The interests and needs of our clients are foremost, as we recognize that satisfied clients are repeat clients and our best source of new business. IVS will not serve as inspector when to do so would infringe on the their hard earned reputation for integrity, accuracy and impartiality. The associates and employees have over 100 years of collective shareholder meeting experience that each client benefits from. There is no other organization in the shareholder services industry that has anywhere near the qualification and experience of IVS Associates. We view every meeting that we serve as independent inspector as an opportunity to solidify and expand our preeminent position.

About IVS
IVS Associates, Inc. is a professional services organization specializing in independent tabulation and certification of voting results for corporations and associations throughout the United States.

Founded in August of 2000 they have served as independent inspectors at over 200 contested meetings and 600 routine annual meetings.

Clients of IVS include many of the top Fortune 500 such as General Electric, IBM, Merck, Hewlett Packard, Eli Lilly, Morgan Stanley and Soctts Miracle-Gro. IVS is engaged by companies of all sizes including those with several hundred shareholders.

Services include facilitating the printing and mailing the proxy materials, electronic voting, proxy tabulation and reporting of the voting results, auditing the tabulations of the corporation and/or its transfer agent and serving as inspector of election.

IVS has earned its reputation as the leading provider of independent inspectors for the most important votes- proxy fights and contested meetings.